Write Change

St. Louis

1. Let's find your representatives.

This information allows representatives to know you're a constituent.

2. Let's get to know you.

Representatives value knowing who their letters are going to.

3. Choose a prompt to guide your story.

Personalized letters are more likely to get an individualized response from representatives.

Personal stories are what representatives remember most from reading letters. Some representatives even print these stories as a reminder of who they are helping as they sign laws!

4. Share a story of how this topic is important to you.

You’re nearly done! This step will make your letter shine.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • How did you first learn about this topic?
  • Have you volunteered doing work related to this topic?
  • How does this topic affect others?

5. Choose a call to action for your representative

Last step! Specific action items let your representative know how to best take action.

Hello (representative),

My name is (name), and I am a constituent from (location) county.

Air pollution contributes to premature death, heart attacks, aggravated asthma, and reduced lung function. St. Louis has been in violation of the federal health-based air standard for ozone since 1979.

(Share your story)

These are the steps I would like you to commit to to take action.